Rented warehouse spaces of
70 000 m2
Cargo turnover of
80 000
Turnover of containers of
Turnover of cars of
5 000
Turnover of goods vans of
discaunt teplo

Warehouse and transport
logistics in St.-Petersburg

"Logistera NWFR" company offers industrial and trading enterprises warehouse services with arrangement of external warehouses on the rented spaces with low cost of warehousing services.

We provide a full complex of warehouse logistics, responsible storage of cargoes in modern warehouse complexes in St.-Petersburg, reception, storage, shipment and delivery of cargoes.

We use progressive technologies of cargoes processing and provide qualitative information support of warehouse logistics.



Warehouse services:

Arrangement of external warehouse according to the client's requirements Складские услуги
Reception and shipment of goods upon the client's order Складские услуги
Prompt providing of data on receipt, rests and shipment Складские услуги
Electronic marking of cargoes according to the client's requirements Складские услуги
Strict quality control of cargo handling Складские услуги


Logistics park "Sapernyi"
Great deal!
St.-Petersburg, Saperny settlement, Petrozavodskoe avenue,
8 min. from Ring road

General area - 30 000 m2

Specifications storehouse
- Warehouse №1 (with heating) 5 000 m2, 280rbl./m (all inclusive)
- Warehouse №2 10 000 m2, 260 rbl./m2 (all inclusive)
- Warehouse №3 (with heating) 1 000 m2, 280 rbl./m2 (all inclusive)
Logistics park "Kolpino"
Great deal
St.-Petersburg, Shushary settlement, Moskovskoe avenue,
plot No.26, Logopark "Kolpino", building No.3.

General area - 32 700 m2

Specifications storehouse
Free area of 10 000 m2 of "А" category 300 rbl/m2 (all inclusive)

- 8 cargo-handling docks for cars;
- entry of cars inside the building;
- concentrated load on the ground makes up 6,5 tons;
- even floor with anti-dust coating.

Why people choose us:

work with all types of transport (land, water, air); Складские услуги
place cargoes in warehouses of temporary storage; Складские услуги
work with all kinds of cargoes including the dangerous ones; Складские услуги
cooperate with the largest insurance companies for support of safety of your cargo; Складские услуги
answer change of the client's requirements promptly; Складские услуги
plan loads of spaces for the client; Складские услуги
carry out distributor’s functions; Складские услуги
deliver cargo to the final consumer upon the client’s request; Складские услуги
work in the whole territory of Russia and Asia; Складские услуги
get customs clearance for cargoes; Складские услуги
apply specialized equipment; Складские услуги
work round-the-clock; Складские услуги
develop individual routes taking into account the client's wishes, features of cargo transportation direction, cargo characteristics, etc. Складские услуги
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